2019 Feb 22 We will start hydroelectric power sales project

Hydropower is a new clean energy source in the future,where there is the Water level drop,there is the water power.we are going to provide related products for you.if you are interested in this kind of power,please contact with us and we will provide 24-hours reply.the following are the main products we could suppy for you.(more details can be find in our homepage:PRODUCTIONS)

1.Francis turbine

2.Inclined jet turbine

3.Impulse turbine

4.Axial turbine

5.Tubular turbine



Contact: Mike Xu

Phone: + 86 1377 369 5989 ( 24h)

Tel: +86 513 8410 5505

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Add: Chennan industrial park, Rudong,Jiangsu, 226400 China. WhatsApp: +1390 1472 859 Skype: reoochina Wechat: +86 1390 1472 859

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