Aluminum framer punching machine

  • Aluminum framer punching machine
  • Aluminum framer punching machine
Aluminum framer punching machineAluminum framer punching machine

Aluminum framer punching machine

  • Head quantity: 4
  • Used for : Aluminum framer hole
  • Product description: Aluminum punching machine

1, Can be used for punching aluminum framer profile and other aluminum stamping equipment

With removable table,  total 4 working heads, install four sets of molds, can work simultaneously or separately. Its is easy to operation, high efficiency

Work system using pure pneumatic machine, punch driven by the realization of the cylinder reciprocating motion. Changing different molds that can punch holes of different sizes. Machine running smoothly, low noise, production more efficient than using a chip 20 times to improve machining, stamping product qualification rate of 99% or more.

2, Main technical parameters

Maximum blanking force 20KN

Cutting stroke 30mm

Air pressure 6-8Kg

Maximum sealing height Max: 150mm

Dimensions: 4500mm × 500mm × 1700mm

Weight: 700kg

3, installation and commissioning
3.1 The equipment should be installed to table as the base, with anchor bolts to adjust the level of the    machine.

3.2 Connecting compressor air to the machine.

3.4 should be preceded in the use of debugging tools to check the movement isok.

4, operation and maintenance considerations
4.1 when the machine is running , should always check whether the normal components, when some part abnormal situation should immediately stop inspection, until the troubleshooting before processing.

4.2 The filling of the oil moving parts regularly, ensure good lubrication.

4.3 when installation the molds first have a try ,Then check whether the norms , the last work properly.


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