Laying up line

  • Layiing up station
  • Layiing up station
Layiing up stationLayiing up station

Layiing up station

  • Model: RO-PST
  • Auto: Manual
  • Laying size: 2000x1000mm
  • Cost: Lower
  • Product description: Laying up station for manufacturing solar panel solar module, solar panel manufacturers association india,solar panel manufacturers association ,solar panel manufacturers and suppliers in india.

For laying solar solar cells up to EVA,

1, Laying up line.  Model: RO-PSX - 01

2, Laying up line.  Model: RO-PSX - 02

3, Laying up station.  Model: RO-PST

Used to lay up the solar cell string on horizontal surface, Stack solar cell string, tempered glass, EVA & back sheet and wire the solar cell string with ribbon.and inspect the finished laying up panel by visual.

Dimension: Around 10000m ×1400× 860mm, up to the customer’s building.

It is roller conveyor made by aluminum profile. Keep high efficiency working.

Include 10 pcs of constant temperature Iron and other tools.

Gross Weight : 1150Kg.

Guarantee and after -sale service

One year guarantee for whole machine except of consumable..

24 hours technical support by E-mail, Skype or QQ..

Calling or door-to-door service

Friendly English software, user manual and detailed Video/CD.


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