Tubular water turbine generator

  • Tubular water turbine generator
  • Tubular water turbine generator
Tubular water turbine generatorTubular water turbine generator

Tubular water turbine generator

  • Product description: High efficiency, Small excavation volume, Large flow and high efficiency area

Name:        Tubular turbine

Main market:    Products are distributed throughout the provinces and autonomous regions in China, and exported to the United States, Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, North Korea and other countries.

Product specifications:    Tubular turbine

       Model: GD006,GD008 series

Runner diameter:    1.2m~5.5m;

Applicable water head:H=2.5m~20m;

Applicable water flow:Q=0.20m3/s~5.0m3/s;

Generator stand-alone capacity: 400KW~100000KW

Product advantages:

l 1.Applicable to plains, hills, coastal areas and other areas with low head and large flow.

l 2.This model has a large flow and a high efficiency area.

l 3.Compared with the vertical axial flow unit, it has high efficiency, small excavation volume, 10% to 20% savings in power plant hydraulic investment, and 5% to 10% equipment investment.


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