1MW Solar panel production line

  • 1MW Solar panel production line
  • 1MW Solar panel production line
1MW Solar panel production line1MW Solar panel production line

1MW Solar panel production line

  • Annual capacity : 1MW
  • Auto: Manual
  • Minimum soalr panel: 10W
  • Work people: 8 persons
  • Product description: Solar panel, solar panel machine, solar panel roduction line, solar module, solar energy, PV energy, machine, solar panel machine, solar module production line.
REOO Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer for solar panel assembly production line in China. We have 10 years history to manufacture all size of laminator also whole of production line. we have advanced and proven technique, high quality and good performance.
We have a great deal of experience for manufacturing, packing, shipping, installation, commissioning and training.
This proposal shall cover design, manufacture, supply, testing and commissioning of assembling plant of solar panel on turn key basis. The assembling plant should have a production capacity of 1 MW/year considering 80% uptime and single shift of operation.
This proposals for 1 MW production line is according to the company's specific facilities and your requirement.
It include:
1.The conditions by workshop and infrastructure requested;
2.Major installation and equipment's performance index by turn-key project provided;
3.The basic craft route of production line movement;
4.The commercial conditions of turn-key project;
5.The consumer should provide the installation and trial run condition, the tool of instrumentation equipment, the personnel constitutes;
6. Technical training which is the supplier carrying on (content, personnel number);
7. The accomplished standard, the approval and the connection of turn-key project;
8. Cost accounting and cost accounting of raw material processing.

The basic starting point of this suggestion:
1. With the replace equipment and service maintenance parts in certain equipment services.
2. All equipments would be make up of our company and our cooperation company. (Our company, REOO is responsible to purchase related equipment).

1. Workshop structure have the function of raw material storehouse, and product storehouse. services the spare parts, the storehouse, the changing room, the visitor channel office district and so on, (Our company will accord to customer’s request to provide the design paper of lay out .
General requirements in workshop space: 200-500 sqm.
Requirements in storehouse: The ambient temperature, keep in 25 ℃, Humidity must be controlled.

2. Infrastructure:
(1) Power source: 3 phase 5 line, more than 30 KW;
(2) Water supply: little need.
(3) Air source: 0.8-1.2MP compressed air;
(4) Environment: (enclosed, dust-proof, anti-skid, temperature);

(5) The main production site layout plans

Lay out design for solar panel plant:
The basic production programe in production line.
1. Preparation: Preparation for all of raw material, such as solar cell, framer, glass and EVA film.
2. Soldering cells: Sort cell by solar cell tester, then single soldering and string soldering.
3. Cutting material: EVA film. Back sheet.
4. Laying up: Laying up the solar cell stringer on the glass and EVA film..
5. Laminating: laminate laying up raw material and keep solidify.
6. Fix junction box: trimming the edge of the extra EVA, fix the junction box on solar panel.
7. Inspection: Test laminated solar panel.
8. Quality tests: in the process of making other tests, IV curves of the test, and the appearance of high-voltage isolation.
9. Warehousing: Qualified storage products, goods failed to repair.

The main raw materials
A. Tempered glass
B. Solar cells
C. EVA film
D. TPT back sheet
E. Junction Box
F. Soldering ribbon.
G. Aluminum framer
H. Silica gel.
I.  Soldering flux.

J. High temperature tape


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