Tabbing and String machine

  • Tabbing and String machine
  • Tabbing and String machine
Tabbing and String machineTabbing and String machine

Tabbing and String machine

  • Speed rate: 1200pc /h
  • Auto: Full automatic
  • Suit BB: 3, 4 ,5, 6 BB line
  • Installation: Location
  • Product description: reoo manufacture tabbing, stringer, string machine, solar cell, solar panel, solar module,solar panel on building,solar panel on building roof,solar panel office building

H1300 is a single track automatic tabbing and string for solar cells

Up to 1300 cells/hour with single track

High flexibility for 2BB/3BB/4BB/5BB solar cells

Works with different kind of cells including cut cells with width >30mm

The number of cells for string is settable from touch screen

Cell spacing is adjustable

Quick and simple operation & ribbon change

Low cost of spare parts and consumables




Approx 2300KG

Soldering  capacity

Max 2.7 seconds /pcs,Max1300 pcs /hour

Cell‘s dimension


Cell busbar


Ribbon sizes

Width: 1.2~2.0mmLength: 0.12~0.23mmRibbon size should be informed before order


≤0.2%, On the basis of Grade A cells with good cutting, no cracks and damage

Cell basket capacity

4 x 100 PCS,4 Cell baskets to load up to a maximum 100pcs each,total 400pcs auto switch

Operation control

PLC touch screen

Soldering technology

IR light

Soldering light life


Soldering temperature


Input power

3 phase/50~60Hz/380V/30A, Power cable > 6mm2

Peak power

18 KW

Average power

7 KW

Compressed air

≥ 0. 5 Mpa clean & dry air

Compressed air consumption

Approx 200   l/min

Max.length of the string

1950mm, Suitable for 12pcs 6 inch cells per string with 2mm cell spacing

Operator interface

Chinese or English


12 Months

Local installation:  Buyer pay for round flight ticket, accommodation . One engineer. Around 5 days.


Contact: Mike Xu

Phone: +86 13773695989

Tel: +86 513 8410 5505

Email: / /

Add: Chennan industrial park, Juegang, Rudong, Jiangsu, China

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