Solar industry will promote the Brazilian economic recovery once again

According to the latest statistics from the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (ABSOLAR), Brazil ’s solar installations have exceeded 5GW, and the photovoltaic industry has attracted more than 26.8 billion Brazilian reals ($ 4.76 billion) in private investment and created nearly 130,000 employment opportunities, about 15,000 companies are doing business in Brazil.


In 2019, at the Brazilian solar auction, solar energy was the most competitive energy among all renewable energy sources. In the A-4 and A-6 auction projects, the average price of photovoltaics was less than US $ 21.00 / MWh. These signed auction projects will have a total investment of more than BRL 25.8 billion by 2050.


At present, in the field of large-scale photovoltaic power plants, Brazil's installed capacity is 2.68GW, accounting for about 1.5% of Brazil's power structure. In the field of distributed photovoltaic power generation, according to Brazil ’s net metering plan, which includes all solar systems with a maximum capacity of 5 MW, the total installed capacity is 2.42GW, which means that the field has attracted BRL 12.8 billion since 2012 Investment.


ABSOLAR Chairman Ronaldo Koloszuk said that in the crisis of 2015 and 2016, Brazil ’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate fell to negative 3.5%, but during this period, the solar industry has increased by more than 300%, effectively helping The national economy recovered from the trough. Therefore, after the epidemic has passed from the worst stage, the solar industry will once again promote Brazil ’s recovery as one of the solutions to the economic downturn. Whether in terms of pulling the economy or improving the environment, the solar industry will become one of the best solutions.


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