When the 210 assembly meets the tracking bracket, what kind of sparks will it burn?

According to the statistics of Sobi solar Network, in 2020, 70GW parity and bidding projects have been announced. It is estimated that the annual grid-connected photovoltaic installed capacity will be about 35GW, and may even exceed 40GW, but the subsidy funds required will not exceed 1.5 billion yuan. Obviously, only the selection of more efficient components and more reasonable solutions can bring lower electricity cost and more ideal benefits.

In March 2018, Trina Solar officially released the new product "TrinaPro Trina Smart Intelligent Distribution" smart photovoltaic solution, showing its new face to the photovoltaic industry. Since then, Trina Solar has truly transformed from a photovoltaic module manufacturer to a photovoltaic solution provider.

Two years later, the standard of high-efficiency components has been raised from 300W to 500W, the size of the silicon chip has jumped from 156.75mm to 210mm, and the on-grid electricity price has transitioned from 0.85 yuan/kWh to parity. Everyone is thinking about what kind of parts and components combination is needed to complete the feat of comprehensive, unsubsidized and affordable Internet access.

Yin Rongfang, vice president of Trina Solar and president of the product integration business value group, once said that high-efficiency double-sided components + tracking bracket + inverter are the only way to achieve affordable Internet access, and are also the core support of Trina's intelligent optimal distribution. These three are not a simple combination. It is the best highlight of "Optimal Matching" to optimize and re-develop it with intelligent means to achieve product collaboration.

For the upcoming Tianhe Smart Optimal Mega, the above features are also applicable. Sobi Solar learned that this is the industry's first 500W-level system solution. Whether it is to improve power generation efficiency or reduce electricity costs, it has achieved a perfect effect of 1+1+1>3.

In February of this year, Trina Solar released the Supreme Series 500W modules to the world, injecting Trina’s innovative power into the photovoltaic industry, opening up a new photovoltaic technology platform, and promoting the 210-size industrial chain with its own efforts. In the choice of 210 components, Tianhe people are very firm in their hearts. They do not think that 210mm batteries are the technical route that can be fully promoted in the next 3-5 years, but the most cost-effective products at the moment. The previously published technical white paper shows that after using three-segment, 5*30 version design and perfect combination of MBB, non-destructive cutting and high-density packaging and other innovative technologies, the component efficiency can reach more than 21% and the maximum power can reach 515.8W. But the most surprising thing is that they considered the application of tracking brackets and high-efficiency inverters at the beginning of product design, and even invited leading inverter companies such as Sunshine and Huawei to participate in R&D. Tianhe's development goal has never been a pure photovoltaic module supplier.

The reason given by the relevant person in charge of Trina Solar is that all this not only stems from Trina’s in-depth exploration of photovoltaic products in the past 23 years, but also from the company’s in-depth insight into the market and customer value. Including supreme high-power components and the upcoming Trina smart optimal Mega high-power solution, Trina is all from the perspective of customer value, by improving customer value from the level of technology, process, products and solutions.

Pricing information from third-party organizations can also be glimpsed. In the past two months, the price of components has dropped significantly, and the profits of related companies have been severely tested. Considering that the module business will still account for more than 70% of the annual revenue in 2019, it is the wisest choice for Tianhe to accelerate its transformation and move towards the goal of being the world's leading solar photovoltaic power generation overall solution provider.

As an enhanced version of Trina PRo, what kind of changes will the smart matching Mega bring to the photovoltaic industry? When 210 modules meet the tracking bracket, what kind of spark will be burned? The details will be June 22, 2020 (Monday) Officially announced at 15:00, let us look forward to this new answer.


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