Xinjiang photovoltaic installed capacity exceeded 10 million kilowatts

(PV-Tech News) On July 16, it was learned from the State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. that the solar installed capacity of Xinjiang Power Grid exceeded 10 million kilowatts, reaching 10.26 million kilowatts, accounting for 11% of Xinjiang’s total installed capacity, and the solar installed capacity ranked top in the country. .

Xinjiang is rich in solar energy resources. The annual sunshine hours are 2550-3500 hours. The total annual radiation illuminance is 10%-15% higher than that of the same latitude areas in my country, ranking second in the country. At present, there are 337 grid-connected photovoltaic power stations with a capacity of 10.266 million kilowatts, distributed in 14 prefectures in Xinjiang, mainly in the four prefectures of southern Xinjiang, Hami, Turpan, Changji, Bozhou and other places.

Xinjiang solar power generation was initially constructed in 2010 and connected to the grid in 2012. The installed capacity that year was only 170,000 kilowatts, and the power generation was 144 million kWh. Up to now, the accumulated power generation is 58.56 billion billion hours, which is 406 times that of 2012, and the installed capacity is 60 times that of 2012.

In order to actively promote the grid connection and consumption of photovoltaics, State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power continues to strengthen grid construction and grid structure optimization. The 750 kV Shache and Hotan transmission and transformation projects that were put into operation in 2019 effectively solved the problem of solar consumption in southern Xinjiang. , The Zhundong-South Anhui ±1100 kV UHV DC transmission project put into production has comprehensively improved the export capacity of photovoltaic power generation and promoted the confidence in the development of solar power in Xinjiang. The 750kV Bozhou power transmission and transformation project completed and put into operation this year and the 750kV Altay and Mulei transmission and transformation projects planned to be put into operation will effectively enhance the photovoltaic consumption capacity of northern Xinjiang.

At present, Xinjiang Power Grid has 23 important sites of 750 kV and above, 108 main transformers, a transformation capacity of 53 million kVA, 53 lines of 7416 kilometers, and 4 transmission channels for "External Xinjiang Electricity Transmission" , Formed the main grid structure of "internal supply four ring network, external transmission four channels", power supply guarantee capacity and reliability are comprehensively improved, in the promotion of the transformation of the autonomous region’s resource advantages to economic advantages, the national energy conservation and emission reduction, and the optimization of energy resource allocation It played an important role.

State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power is based on the "two markets" inside and outside Xinjiang, strengthens scientific dispatch, and continues to develop photovoltaic consumption space through the marketization of electricity. On the one hand, actively carry out the complementary and coordinated control of water, fire, wind, solar, and storage, to maximize the consumption of photovoltaic space, and vigorously carry out new energy substitution; on the other hand, actively contact the superior dispatch and other provinces to promote new Energy participates in cross-regional spot transactions and real-time transactions, takes advantage of the time difference between Xinjiang, Qinghai, and Shaanxi, innovatively carries out real-time replacement of new energy power, and expands the scale of power delivery from Xinjiang.

Since the beginning of this year, Xinjiang Power Grid has consumed 7.555 billion kWh of photovoltaics, of which 4.855 billion kWh was consumed in Xinjiang and 2.7 billion kWh was sent out. The ratio of photovoltaic curtailment has dropped by 6.15 percentage points year-on-year.

It is estimated that the photovoltaic power generation capacity will reach 15.3 billion kWh throughout the year, an increase of approximately 2.3 billion kWh over 2019. Based on this calculation, it can replace 6.18 million tons of standard coal throughout the year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 16.19 million tons.


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