Solar Import tariffs extended in the US and threshold raised

The US announced a 4-year extension of Solar import tariffs and threshold raising from 2.5GW to 5GW.

In a recent annuncement made by the US, there are two major adjustments to the solar import tariff policy.

The first is to exclude double-sided photovoltaic modules from the scope of taxation. As the name suggests, these photovoltaic modules can generate electricity on both sides and are favored by many large-scale infrastructure developers.

The second is that the US would raise the threshold of protective tariffs from 2.5GW to 5GW on imports, while adding duty-free supply routes from neighboring Canada and Mexico. The new PV import tariff policy will take effect on February 7.

The US government insisted on this announcement despite the strong opposition of relevant parties at home and abroad, which not only does not help the healthy development of the domestic industry in the United States, but also distorts the normal international trade order of photovoltaics as a new energy product.

Photovoltaic products are important clean energy products, and their increasingly widespread gas emissions, climate-resilient and sustainable development. The United States should take concrete actions to jointly address climate change, promote global free trade, maintain the rules-based multilateral trading system, facilitate free trade in new energy products, and contribute to the global development of a low greenhouse gas emission economy and the promotion of the common well-being of all mankind.


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