Several European Energy Companies Warn: Europe Faces ‘Energy Catastrophe’

According to a report on the website of Russia Today TV on the 7th, after the reduction of energy imports from Russia, Europe is facing an unprecedented energy crisis, and the current energy reserves are only enough for Europe to barely support a heating season. The heads of several European energy companies have warned that Europe could usher in an ‘energy disaster’ after this winter.

"This winter will be tough, and the following winter will be even tougher," said Hardy, chief executive of Dutch oil company Vitol.

"Energy prices have soared to unaffordable levels, with many households spending 50% or more of their disposable income on energy access, and next winter may be even more challenging," said BP CEO Looney.

The head of Italian energy company Eni also said that next winter will be a bigger problem, as Europe will have less or possibly no energy supply from Russia.


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