Solar panel production line

  • 50MW Solar panel production line full automatic
50MW Solar panel production line full automatic

50MW Solar panel production line full automatic

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50MW Solar panel production line full automatic(图1)

It is a complete solar panel prodcution line, base on turn-key solution . 

Production capacity : 50MW per year ( 1 working shift ) ~ 150 MW per year ( 3 working shift ).

Production speed : 12 pcs solar panel per hour depend on producing 600 w solar panel ( 72 cells solar panel ) .

Building space :  More than 3000 sqm ( Include office , do not include warehouse ).

Working people : More than 19 persons.

Power consumption : Maximum :200KW, Average : Less than 40KW .

Investment for machine : Around 200,000 USD.

Delivery time :  Less than 40 working days .

Service supply : Lay out desigh, Location installation, Location training, Location trial production. After service .

Production introduce

It is a complete solar panel production line. Production capacity is 50MW per year ,  turnkey solution .

It can manufacture the solar panel 500W ~ 600W, by 9BB OR 12BB Poly and Mono solar cell . If you want to manufacture smaller solar panel, you have to choose other semi automatic and manual production line .


1,Lay out design

50MW Solar panel production line full automatic(图2)



Area of  building

 3000 sqm

Higher of building

 4.2 m

Power consume

The average maximum  200KW


50L /  min

Air supply

200L/ min

Air condition

25  expect laminating

Worker people

15 persons

Working time per day

8 h / day

Process flow



Process flow






Cut solar cell

Laser cutting machine





Tabbing and string cell

Tabbing and sting machine






Cut EVA film

EVA backsheet cutting machine




Cut Back sheet


Cut bus bar

Bur bar cutting machine




Load glass to conveyor

Glass loading machine




Lay EVA cell & backsheet

Laying up machine





Bussing machine





Stick fixing tape





EL & VI tester

EL & VI tester






Laminating machine






Trimming machine





Inspection machine





Gluing and framing

Gluing and framing machine





Fix junction box

JB gluing machine





Soldering bus bar to JB




Injection JB gel

Gel Injection machine





Unload to solid

Unloading machine




Grind edges

Grinding machine




IV tester

Solar module tester





HIpot & resistance test

HIpot & resistance test




EL & VI test

EL & VI tester





Unload and pack

Unloading & Packing machine




 Total work people :  19 persons .

Specification of machines

1,  Laser cutting machine

50MW Solar panel production line full automatic(图3)


High speed, 1600 / h

Be used for cutting solar cell 158 x 158,M6 ( 166 X 166 ), M10 ( 182 X 182 ). M12 ( 210 X 210 ).

Loading : Whole cell box , 100pcs.

Unloading: Whole cell box.

Not pollute on solar cell.

Power of laser: 30W. 10% to 100% variable.

Laser wave length: 1064nm

Dicing speed : Maximum: 600mm/s

Deepness: 1/2 - 1/3 cell.

Precision : +/- 0.05mm

Frequency : 20 - 80KHZ variable.

Air pressure: 0.6 - 0.8 Mpa. 400L/min

Power: 220V/50Hz, 2 KW

Measurement: 1250 x 1100 x 1380mm

Net Weight: 300Kg.

2,   Tabbing and string machine

     50MW Solar panel production line full automatic(图4)

Speed :  Max 2s / pc . or 1800 pcs / h

Applied to cell : 39 - 166 x 166 mm,  39 - 182 x 166mm. 39 - 210 x 166mm .

Cell bus bar : 166mm- 6BB ( 27.6); 166mm - 9BB, (16.8);  210 X 166mm - 12BB

Cell thickness : Big than 160 um .

Ribbon size : Width 0.9 - 2.0 mm, Thickness 0.15 - 0.23mm .


1) The parameters can be set optionally by the touch screen

2) For the different bus bar cells,the setting time is changing the cells’ type is less than 30 minutes

3) High flexibility for various cells.

4) The number of solar cells for the strings is settable by the touch screen.

5) The number of wanted cell strings is settable

6) Adjustable range of the gap of the cells is 2 to 30mm.

7) Operation reliable, less maintenance required.

8) Simple operation, only need one day for training.

Only one worker for two machines.


Soldering capacity

Can soldering 1800 pcs of solar cell per hour


≤ 0.2%

Cell basket capacity

Four baskets system to load up to 100pcs each,total 400 pcs

Operation control

PLC touch screen

Soldering technology

IR light

Soldering light life


Soldering temperature


Input power

50~60Hz/AC380V/16A , Can customized .

Peak power


Average power


Compressed air

≥0.5Mpa clean & dry air

3, EVA / BACKSHEET cutting machine

50MW Solar panel production line full automatic(图5)

Used to cut EVA and Back sheet into designed size for solar module manufacturing..

Automatic feeding, unwinding, deviation correction, fixed length, punching, cutting, counting, static elimination, etc.;

Wide adaptability, suitable for material cutting of small components, standard 60/72 pieces, 144 half pieces, and double glass components;

Maximum size : 2600 x 1200

Servo fixed length cutting, fast speed and high precision; Integrated drilling tool, quick replacement;

Power : 220V (AC) /  2KW

Equipment weight 1700KG.


4, Bus bar cutting machine

50MW Solar panel production line full automatic(图6)

RO - CJJ01

Video :

Full automatic. High speed.

Digital display.

Automatic alarm.

Cut length accuracy.

Speed and high efficiency.

The material of welding strip: Tinned copper alloy;

Straightening: 98%;

Cutting accuracy: L + _ 0.2 +0.002 L

Cutting Length :1-9999 .9 mm

Maximum welding strip size: 8 * 0.2mm;

Processing speed (colleague processing section 1-5): 350/minutes;

Power: 220V 50Hz

Power: Max 250W, minimum 20W;

Volume: 395 * 265 * 355mm

Weight: 26kg.

5, Glass loading machine

50MW Solar panel production line full automatic(图7)


Loading PV glass by Pneumatic chuck.

Shifting suction cup will absorb the glass from the pallet and put it on the conveying line

The equipment is equipped with double photoelectric switch confirmation, which can avoid the protection of glass collision caused by wrong action

Put the paper between the glass into the isolation box

Automatic warning of material shortage (sound and light)

The feeding area has a protection grating or safety door

With ionic fan for dust blowing glass

Can meet different specifications of glass use

With paper separation recycling function

Meet the 150P (3.2mm) one drag glass size, and 2 torches directly seamless switch.

Working power supply

 AC 380V 3 phase 5 wire system 50Hz

Work pressure

0.6 ~ 0.7 Mpa


5 KW

Manipulator load


6, Laying up machine

50MW Solar panel production line full automatic(图8)


Use whole servo closed loop control

Adopt vacuum check technology

Servo lateral locating,digital locating.Set location distance just on the upper computer,be capable of setting every lateral locating distance separately,high efficient in servo location.

Spinning part adopts electronic control and cooperates with robot joint reducer(back interval less than 1arc.min).Be capable of setting spinning degree randomly(set by upper computer) and setting each strings spinning angle separately.

Glass location device is hand wheel type and intensifying type.The time to change glass is short and no need to use other tools like wrench.

6 opening system and reserving about 30 percent hardware interfaces,which is convenient to the interface control of equipment and auxiliary devices.




Working voltage

AC380V,3 Phase 5 Lines,50Hz

Rated power


Working air pressure


Average Air Consumption


Driving mode

Servo driving

Positional accuracy of cell strings




Interval of cell strings


QTY of cell strings


Switching time


Breakage rate


Cell main grid line number

2-5grids,switching time≦30min

Applicable Module Size


Material of transmission belt and sucker


Overall Dimensions


Total weight

About 2500kg

Control system

Screen(MCGS),Chinese/English mode,supporting remote maintenance,and connection to local production-management software.

Operating mode

Manual / Automatic

 Equipment Function:Cell strings laying up machine,working with Stringer by 1 VS 1,or 1 VS 2.

Cell strings are in parallel with the long side of the modules after conveyed in the Automatic Layup Machine,and adjusted mechanically and by CCD.


7, Bussing machine

50MW Solar panel production line full automatic(图9)


Product features:

1, it can complete the welding of all the bus-band of the middle outlet plate of half piece and the welding of the bus-band of the three-outlet assembly at the head of the whole piece of double glass

2, vacuum adsorption grab battery string, empty welding

3. The position of 12 and a half battery strings can be corrected twice

4, the bush-belt coil feeding, automatic preparation of folding TYPE L bush-belt

5, automatic spraying flux in the welding area

6, the components into the equipment have visual normalization function

7, single side feeding, easy to operate

Product parameters:

Rated 25 seconds Max. 21 seconds (Limite Speed)

The soldering way:  Electromagnetic induction welding

Component input and output height : 950 + 20 mm

The component version : The 156/5BB is standard, and the 10 and 12 string configurations of all batteries in 156-170mm sizes are customizable material

Confluence with reel feeding, automatic feeding, cutting, size can be customized .

Power supply equipment: 380 v / 220 v 50/60 hz

Power : Peak 35KW average 25KW

Air supply : Pressure 0.5-0.7mpa flow 1.8m³/min

Equipment weight : 3500Kg .

8, EL & VI tes

50MW Solar panel production line full automatic(图10)


Electroluminescent inspection for detect solar panel before laminating and after laminating.

To check solar panel of secluded split, cracked cell, rosin joint, wire break and other defects.

Can testing module: 2600mm x 1400mm

Maximum current: 10AMaximum voltage: 60V

IncludeCabinetInclude infrared camera+ Computer + Software

4 cameras, take 12 pictures for one solar module , the pixel get 20 million.

Time of exposure0.1 S-25.5 S Adjustable

Power:  220V 10A or customize.

Working environment temperature 10 - 30 ℃

Humidity: 20 - 70%

Main function of characteristics:

By using images can find: material other defects. the sides of the pneumatic feeding short, art and craft contamination

Testing fast and convenience was longtime 1s - 25s adjustable

It is testing on line.

Power consume : 2 KW

Guarantee and after -sale service


50MW Solar panel production line full automatic(图11)


USE : As the equipment of manufacturing solar module limited to laminate glass, EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sheet), solar cell and back sheetDimension : 34000mm x 3300mmx1300mm  

Laminating area: 7400mm x 2700 mm.

Laminating height: 25mm

Double chamber .

First chamber is used for vacuuming,  Second chamber is used for solid .Total power consumption: 150 KW ( AC380V, 60 Hz, or according to customer's nee)  Air source: 0.6 - 1.0 MPa.

Operating mode: Manual / Automatic.

Control system :  PLC ( Seimens). HIM system: Touch screen ( Seimens )Heating mode: Oil Heating ( SD320 heat conducting oil, capacity: 170 L, flow pressure:0.3 Mpa.), include: main heating and adjustable heating.Temperature control: PID intelligent temperature control system.Temperature uniformity in working area: ≤ ±1.5 ℃Temperature control accuracy:≤± 1 ℃.Temperature control range: 30℃ - 180 ℃Pumping rate:  70 L/s .Laminating time: 2 - 4 min ( excluding solidification time )Heating rate: 140℃ at room temperature with 50 to 60 minutes Vacuum rate: 200 L / S, the limit vacuum 70 ~ 90 Pa, Vacuum time: 90 seconds Silicone membrane size:8200mm * 3200mm, 5 mm thickness. The laminating times more than 5000 times.Quick replace silicon membrane design.

Lid opening: Straight from the hydraulic, the biggest opening height: 200 mm Total weight: 30,000Kg.Production capacity:Conventional 260 Wp (1950*992) solar module, 4 pcs in a cycle time. 

Production Capacity: 

600 WP * 6 pieces / time * 6 times / h * 8 hours * 300 days=51.8 MWp / year. ( Single shift )

Warranty period: 12 months.   (Exclusive easily damaged parts) . Our company supply service for lifetime.

10, Trimming machine

50MW Solar panel production line full automatic(图12)

Work beat20 seconds

Suitable size Length: 1650-2500 - mm ; width : 990-1400 - mm

The maximum weight: 50Kg

Power supply AC 380V 3-phase 5-wire 380V 50HZ/60HZ

Rated power: 3KW

Working pressure 0.6-0.8 Mpa

The gas consumption of 500  L / min.

The maximum weight of a single device is 1500kg .

11, Inspection machine

50MW Solar panel production line full automatic(图13)

Turning over for visual inspection solar panel after trimming .

Automatic turning by PLC control .

Be apply to the solar panel 990 x 1890 mm ~ 2600 x 1400mm .


1. General requirements of workshop: 3000 square meter.

Requirements in warehouse: The soldering room and EVA storehouse temperature, keep in 25 ℃.

2. Infrastructure:

(1) Power source: 3 phase 5 line, more than 50 KW;

(2) Water supply: little need.

(3) Air source: 100L / min compressed air;

(4) Environment: (enclosed, dust-proof, anti-skid, temperature);

(5) The main production site layout plans.

Solar panel produce program 

1. Preparation: Preparation of raw materials.

2.  Cutting material: EVA. TPT. soldering wire.

3. Soldering solar cell. By tabbing and string machine.

4. Laying up:Tabbing solar cell on the EVA and glass.

5. Laminating: Laminate EVA , Solar cell and back sheet also glass by the laminator..

6. Fix junction box: Trim edge of  the extra EVA and fix junction box on the panel.

7. Testing: Test laminated solar panel by EL tester and solar module tester.

8. Quality tests: In the process of making other tests, IV curves of the test, and the appearance of high-voltage isolation.

9. Warehousing: Qualified storage products, goods failed to repair.

 The main raw materials

 ① Tempered glass

 ② Solar cells

 ③ EVA film

 ④ TPT sheet

 ⑤ Junction Box

 ⑥ Soldering ribbon.

 ⑦ Aluminum alloy frame

 ⑧ Silicon gel

 9 Soldering flux.

 10 High temperature tape


We design the factory layout showing different machines for smooth production. The layout should show the all the machines including the store and office area in proposed layout plan.


We send engineer or technicians to buyer’s factory to install machine. All expenditure on travel, food, accommodation and transportation of our engineers/ technicians for installation will be borne by buyer. REOO company borne the salary of engineer/technicians.


We supply both overseas and local training to the engineers and technicians on operation and maintenance. buyer borne air tickets, lodging, food and training material .

Minimum 12 (twelve) months warranty of all products and services and guarantee for the spares and required maintenance or replacement support are to be provided . Buyer borne the cost of the material for parts of maintenance.

Payment Terms:

40% of the contract value be pay by T/T advanced.

60%  before shipment.

Delivery time:

30 days after received the advance payment.


We borne insurance of goods under contract from the time these are loaded on board the ship.

Taxes and Duties:

Buyer shall pay all taxes and duties, payable under government laws, for all goods and materials imported under the contract into any port .


All the equipment, tools, accessories and goods be suitably packed. All packages are liable to be opened for customs examination and packing shall therefore be designed to facilitate opening and repacking thereafter. Each package shall have the shipment information printed on it in bold letters.


Operational and maintenance manuals of all equipment is in English, along with a soft copy in a CD (compatible version: MS Word/ PDF).

Backup spares:

We supply essential backup spares. items beyond warranty periods, buyer borne the cost.

Raw material:  

We supply all the material for production solar panel from China for trial production and formal production, buyer pay for the cost.

Power consume: 

The total consume for electricity power: 80 KW, 3 Phase , 5 line .

Guarantee and after -sale service:

One year guarantee for whole machine except of consumable..

24 hours technical support by E-mail, Skype or QQ..

Calling or door-to-door service

Ues-friendly English software, user manual and detailed Video/CD.

20MW solar panel production line(图16)

20MW solar panel production line(图17)

20MW solar panel production line(图18)

20MW solar panel production line(图19)

20MW solar panel production line(图20)

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